8. Aug, 2022

Holiday traditions

If you think about it, what makes your holiday feel like a real holiday? One that you refer back to. One that you can remember out of other nice moments. One that makes someone in the family say: “Oh, we have to do xyz before we go home”.

Ever since that day, our holidays in Villa Hadingus are not complete, unless we have kebab from that same place. We often do take out and walk down to the waterfront, sit on the stonewall, and enjoy our kebab. Also in December.

In our family, we have a few holiday traditions, when we are staying in Villa Hadingus. The first one dates back to the Spring break in 2010, where we went house hunting. One day we ended up having kebab for lunch, from a small and humble place on the corner of the Pierre Coullet square in Saint-Raphaël.

You surely also have traditions, hold on to them, and enjoy your holidays in the South of France!